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AES researches ‘Beyond 5G’

AES is developing a prototype for IoT in the aerospace industry.
A wireless network is being developed as part of the project “Beyond 5G IoT for Space and Aircraft” to be used as a backbone for aircraft in-flight entertainment systems. This project is being funded by the ERDF.
In the future, the linkage of mobile devices in aircrafts will continue to gain relevance. The biggest challenge in the process is the flood of huge amounts of data. Especially in the aerospace sector, the steadily increasing number of devices in use has the causal consequence that wired connections lead to an increase in weight, which cause increased fuel consumption and increased environmental impact. The goal of the project is to build a prototype including all system-relevant components, which nevertheless meet the special requirements of Aviation.

Learn more about AES´ Research Project Beyond 5G…
Lesen Sie mehr über das AES´ Forschungsprojekt Beyond 5G…


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