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AES sponsors scholarships ‘Deutschlandstipendien’ with the City University of Applied Science in Bremen

AES is proud to be a sponsor in the awarding of scholarships together with the City University of Applied Science (Hochschule Bremen). The so called ‘Deutschlandstipendien’ currently support 89 students with scholarships in Bremen. The ‘Deutschlandstipendien’ will support students and first-year students if their careers allow to expect most excellent study and professional achievements. In the medium term, up to eight percent of all students studying at a German university are supposed to benefit from the Deutschlandstipendium. AES additionally provides the opportunity of internships for these students. Our newest team member and scholarship holder Timo for example studies electrical engineering.

Another project in cooporation with the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) are the Matching-Funds-Scholarships for international students. Since May this year students come periodically for three month to work at AES and support the Team.


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