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PWM Dimmers


PWM Dimmers, application designed for Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340

Key features


1-Channel LED light and incandescent lamp dimmer

connector type MS24308-4-3 (D-SUB 25P PIN)


fully qualified acc. to RTCA-DO160

robust anodized aluminum housing


AES Potentiometer ASSY DP0299-Series 2 momentary push buttons for UP and DOWN, control voltage 0-10 V DC

the DD0295 are cascadable

a master-slave arrangement can be realised

Technical data

Mechanical dimensions

length: 80 mm + 15 mm (ground bolt)

width: 115 mm

height: 39.5 mm

weight: less than 0.2 kg

Electrical data

input voltage: 28 V DC

input current: max. 1.2 A

output voltage: 28 V PWM (pulse wide modulated)

output current: max. 1.1 A


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